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"In Grieg's (work) the quartet played with utmost inward expression, and at the same time with the greatest of temperament.. (After the first encore) the audience still wanted to hear more of these Virtuosos from Jerusalem, so that to end the concert, the Dafna String Quartet showed another facet of its ability and, without bows but with exhilarating lightness, brought the audience to smiling."

- Neu Ulmer Zeitung (2007)

"The Dafna String Quartet offered a highly catching, extremely different and unusual performance."

- Schwabische Zeitung (2007)

The Dafna String Quartet turned out to be exactly what music-lovers always wanted: homogenous and dynamic, unpretentious, its technique impeccable, its musical interpretations appropriate and meaningful, its sound, though not always dazzling, is round and velvety throughout, capable of reaching harsh Fortissimos as well as soft and tender melodic Pianissimos. The Israelis played (the Haydn string quartet) with delicate exhilaration and tender voice range. Equally playful, but also unruly, was (their) depiction of the Beethoven string quartet op. 18 Nr. 6. The beautiful, dark colorations of the first movement were shiningly brought to bear. Also very beautiful was the Adagio, whose compositional and dynamic transparency flowered with expression. Thunderous applause and encores ended this remarkable concert of the four musicians from Israel.

- Sudwestpresse (2007)